Our Lady in the WoodsWho Are We?

Quaternity Platform creates and produces artistic events that explore and promote spiritual themes. Quaternity Platform was developed on Denman Island, British Columbia in 2014 and provides seed production-funds and stipends for artists, including poets, visual artists, dancers and performers. We have also benefited some local charities such as the Marine Stewards, and the Green Burial Site. We build community by sharing spiritual insights and learning and through benefiting artists and charities.

Quaternity Platform helps lever artists to offer spiritually worthy projects, and positions them so they can more easily co-create events and apply for more traditional sources of funds. It also helps with touring and bringing the performances and art to larger, urban audiences. It also provides a model for private donors to participate creatively, spiritually and financially in the arts in their local community.

To date, the spiritual themes we have chosen to explore are from the Western Mystery tradition, such as Tarot, the Tree of Life, the idea of Solstice and the Mystery of Mother Mary. The name Quaternity is derived from the idea of the ‘whole’ ; it is a concept that embraces the cross, both the square and the wheel and all directions, seasons, and elements. When we include the 4th dimension we have the stability to open to the 5th and 6th dimensions-both above and below, incorporating the idea of the spiral, the crystal, the sacred geometry that connects us more deeply to wholeness.