Mystery of Mary

Mother Mary has miraculously appeared through the ages in many places on the planet to protect and help people heal – perhaps the most famous are in Lourdes France, Fatima Portugal, and Guadalupe Mexico – also in Japan, Ireland and Egypt. She is central to worship in the Roman Catholic faith and is also tied to the great shrines and tales of the Black Madonna, some dating back to pagan worship and places of ancient druid worship of Mary as the Great Mother.

She also appears to common people and is there to support us all; we are all children of our Holy Mother and we are loved by her equally. She liberates us, as she embodies God and is a great icon of strength, faith, hope and grace in the face of the dark and oppression, and through joy and happiness. As you tune into her, you open to a the world of synchronicities that are web-like; these coincidences weave a safety net of sorts that reveal the numinous field of God.

Quaternity helps support an annual charity walk (2013, 2014) through the downtown east-side of Vancouver, distributing gifts and Mother Mary’s message of hope.

The mandala below is a segment of an original work of Kaye Hebden, titled Quintessentia. The photography is courtesy of Jennifer Lee, Rowan Obrian and Alicia Pare.