The eclectic, inclusive, creative path

“God is really another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style. He just goes on trying other things.” — Pablo Picasso

Those of us who live on Denman Island are fortunate to live in a community that values creativity. Our collective creativity flows strong, across generations and socio-economic and political divides. Our creativity finds expression in a myriad of art forms but it remains a steady ethic that connects us to each other and deepens us to spirit. To quote Einstein, “Creativity is contagious; pass it on.” On Denman Island, we enjoy such a contagion; we are creative and we pass it on.

On Denman Island, we live with Mother Nature close, and so perhaps there is more opportunity to open to the creative force that runs through all. The biodiversity and the interconnectedness of everything cannot be missed. In the aliveness that surrounds, we are encouraged to utter forth in some creative way- be it for the sake of beauty or whimsy, or to expose some deep grief and pain, or to sound some firmly held perspective or opinion. Whatever the art form, whatever the purpose, we are encouraged by the natural world around us to actively participate in creating. Our small rural community fosters a visceral sense of each of us being uniquely created, and having a special voice to share.

It seems that if each of us creates in our unique way, however honed our skill, we are honoring the idea that we live in God’s image. When we create, we allow our spirit to manifest into form in a new way, adding to the forever-becoming, the forever-unfolding, universal whole. When we participate in a creative process, we tap into inspiration and often into inherent love and joy. Hopefully, through the act of creating, we can amplify those divine qualities and provide some nurture for all.

Artistic events are ongoing on our island. This Summer Solstice on June 21, we held a community circle involving people from many spiritual and religious paths including representatives from First Nation, Sikh, Shaman, Wiccan, Buddhist and Christian traditions. We were all ‘one voice’ on that day and circled with the intention of supporting the universe in elemental balance, to build community resilience and to strengthen connections. The circle was multi-layered and dynamic in design, involving artistic performance and poetic elements in all directions. It was a special event.

Quaternity is supporting upcoming projects such as the Denman Art Studio tour, and the Womens Media Camp and Quaternity is developing new shows in conjunction with Lulu Productions and Lulu Goes West

(featured image courtesy Nichola Clark Art on the Denman Studio Tour, Solstice poster courtesy Slug, other photographs courtesy Maxine Matilpi, Frieda Werden and Carolyn Eppich)

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  1. Bevo

    Beautiful, Suze…..I was thinking about you all through summer solstice. Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration. Xoxo

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