Finding a home for the Tarot Quilts

The Tarot Quilts need a home! Can you help us?

Do you know anyone with a home or space big enough to display these 20 stunning painted quilts depicting major arcana of the tarot deck? Or can you suggest a museum where they might belong?

The Gulf Islands of British Columbia are jewels in the crown of the Salish Sea. They are home to wonderful communities and, in particular, amazing artists. Sudasi Gardner is one of those artists. She has had a prolific career. Her work spans decades and includes painting, sculpture, mosaic and textiles. She has this to say about creating the Tarot Quilts:

In my twenties, I was fascinated by symbolism and mystical paths. The Tarot cards, as an ancient “book of knowledge”, embodied elements from many of the old mystery schools I had been investigating and, as a result, I soon added Tarot cards to my study. It was not until many years later that my investigations led to the creation of these quilts.

I had painted for years and at some point became enamored of quilting. The combination of the two forms of expression: painting on the multi-coloured geometric and patterned surface of the quilts brought me great joy. There were endless combinations possible using both random and intentional colour associations.

Around 1990, I commenced the process of quilting and painting 19 of the cards from the Major Arcana. It took me approximately 6 years.

Although opportunities arose, I decided not to sell the quilts as individual pieces. I felt that the community or “family” of 19 as a group was more interesting, and over time, had actually developed a dream that someday there would be a large old house that could house them all, “museum style”. Although I have not actively pursued that dream, it remains a strong image in my minds’ eye…a family looking for a home, here again, looking. 

Here she is on a Youtube talking more about the quilts and the show:

Sudasi Gardner: Tarot Windows

Quaternity Platform  is supporting Sudasi in the display of her quilt collection at the upcoming event:

Pieces: Celebrating Textiles in Courtenay BC , March 27-29 2015. If you are in the area, you can view the quilts there.